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Celeste B Sullivan

Collection of Artwork 2000-2019

Celeste, a native Nebraskan, comes from a lineage of common artistic people who settled this beautiful and sometimes unforgiving territory called Nebraska. (Nebraska, meaning wide rivers.)  She resides in the Niobrara River canyonlands north of Bassett on State Highway 7 three miles north from the scenic Niobrara river with her husband Pat and dog Tucker. Like her gifted and talented ancestors, she learned to use her inherited gifts of creativity and artistic abilities to build her life and survive.  These gifts put food on the table, helped build a home and keep a few dollars in her pocket but most of all a sense of being.

   As a visual artist, Celeste loves color, expressive line and shape.  She enjoys telling stories about her family, her home, nature, animals and special people she has encountered throughout her life and includes them in her compositions.  She works with a variety of medias and enjoys experimenting with their capabilities to depict her inspirations. She chooses medias such as; oil, watercolor and acrylic paint, clay, found objects, paper, fabric, thread, beads for her collages, graphic pencils, colored pencils, crayons scratch tools and paper, wood carving and burning tools. Celeste loves blank spaces, such as paper, canvases, walls, table tops, dolls, and living spaces and she views them as challenges.

   Through Celeste’s art journey there are many artists that  inspired her art direction and work. Her favorites are; her Mother and Father, Vincent Van gogh, Ed Hopper, Gauguin, Degas, and Nebraska artist, Susan Hart.

  Celeste was home schooled by her parents until the third grade.  Her Mother gave her crayons, and taught her how to use them while teaching her how to read, write and do math.  She also taught Celeste how to sew by hand and on a machine, draw, paint and build objects to express what both her Mother and Father taught at her home on their farm in the Sandhills near Gandy. As a child, Celeste’s farm life influenced her love for animals, reading, and was an active learner. Her family left the farm when she was in the 8th grade and moved to western Nebraska. After finishing high school at Bridgeport, NE, she attended Kearney State College, Wayne State College,  where she received degrees in K-12 art education, and Spanish. She began teaching Art Education at Allen Public Schools and also completed a Masters Degrees in School Guidance and added Guidance Counselor to her job for the next twenty five years. She and her husband Pat found a beautiful piece of land and moved to the Sandhills. There she taught art and Spanish at Rock County High School in Bassett, NE. until her retirement in 2013.

  Now that Celeste is retired, she pursues her love for Art. She uses a variety of media,like Gauguin, she is influenced by Van gogh’s  uses color, line and abstract perspective, and focuses on the emotionalism and attitude of people like Ed Hopper to express her visual stories.  

Influenced by Sharon Hart and her Mother, Right now she is enjoying creating textile collages with fabric,thread and beads.  

 Celeste Sullivan   “ I am grateful for all of the people who have helped, supported and loved me through my life. I believe it hasn’t all been easy.  My Dad always told me that the easier softer way is not always the best route to take. Sometimes a good route is full of rutts and is a hard road for halling, and it takes work and determination to finish.

  Thank you for viewing my art and my circus. The monkeys I claim as my own.“


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